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5 Lupus Books Every Lupus Patient Should Read

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Have you been searching for the best lupus books?  Hey, no worries, so have I!  There are a few lupus books that provide a lot more than just basic lupus information.  If you are looking for coping strategies, treatment options, and more; check out our favorite books on lupus below.

I  have compiled a list of the best 5 Lupus Books that you can order online from Amazon without ever having to leave your house.  Shop these informative lupus book from Amazon from the comfort of your own home.  These books detail tips, advice, and educational information on lupus.

lupus books
Best Lupus Books

If you are recently diagnosed with lupus, these books will definitely be vital in understanding exactly what lupus is and how you can manage your lupus.   Educating yourself on SLE will be beneficial to your health and you can learn tips to help prevent lupus flares.  These books have awesome reviews online from other lupus patients.  Let us know below if you have read any of these lupus books.

1.  The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families

The Lupus Encyclopedia is hands down THE BEST lupus bookDr. Thomas is an amazing doctor and advocate for lupus awareness.   This lupus book provides detailed explanations of every body system that could be affected by lupus.  He also provides practical advice about coping with lupus for patients and their caregivers.  If you are looking for a lupus book that covers all aspects of life with lupus, The Lupus Encyclopedia should be your number 1 choice.

Dr. Thomas also runs an active Facebook page that provides tips and up to date information on lupus research and treatments.  If you are looking for a lupus book that entails a thorough aspect of lupus, The Lupus Encyclopedia is a great choice.

2. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders: The Revolutionary, Drug-Free Treatments for Thyroid Disease, Lupus, MS, Ibd, Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Diseases

In this lupus book, Dr. Edelson discusses the most common types of autoimmune diseases.  He then outlines their symptoms, causes, and risk factors. He describes his own  program for treating the root of all autoimmune disorders–without drugs–providing readers with new hope for getting back on the road to better health when it comes to battling diseases like lupus.


3. Lupus: The Essential Clinician’s Guide

Finding a lupus book that really goes into the clinical aspect of lupus doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, Lupus: The Essential Clinician’s Guide is the perfect example of this.  In this lupus book, the pages are filled with valuable information about the diagnosis and treatment of lupus patients for healthcare professionals.

The information contained in this lupus book can provide a credible and thorough approach to lupus and help improve patient care.  I believe that every clinician should have this lupus book on their shelves.

As many of us know, it can take an average of 6 years for a lupus patient to receive a correct diagnosis.  The more awareness that we can provide to patients, society, and healthcare professionals can make a difference in reducing that diagnosis time frame.

Included in the pages of this lupus book, are chapters that describe pathophysiology of lupus.  It also goes into detail about the diagnostic strategies and tools, and current and emerging therapeutic options that are currently being used to treat lupus.   When dealing with a lupus patient, most healthcare workers know the incredible frustrations that can come with such an unpredictable autoimmune disease.



4. Coping With Lupus: A Practical Guide to Alleviating the Challenges of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

This lupus book, written by Dr. Robert Phillips, provides comfort, information, strategies, and advice for those living with lupus.  This book provides great coping skills for people who are dealing with lupus.  If you are looking for a lupus book that provides advice on exercise, diet, or non medical pain relief, this is book makes a perfect choice!

5. Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work

While I am a firm believer in science and the power of modern medicine, I totally get why a lot of lupus patients are looking for alternative therapies to manage their lupus symptoms.  Lupus can cause a variety of issues in people with lupus, yet, no two cases of lupu are the same.  If you are looking for alternative treatments for lupus, this lupus book may be a great option for you.

This lupus best includes a variety of therapeutic approaches drawn from the fields of naturopathic medicine, nutritional medicine, environmental medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nontoxic dentistry, energy medicine, and psychological healing.

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