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Apple Cider Vinegar and Lupus: Plantars Wart Natural Treatment

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For many years, I heard and read about the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar.  I honestly felt it was one of those old- school home remedies and that it really could not do the things people on the internet said.  Flash forward to 2019 and imagine my amazement when I realized the benefits apple cider vinegar had on various lupus issues.

When it comes to living with lupus, I have quickly realized that my body can become a medical mystery.  Things that most people do not have an issue with, my immune system does thanks to lupus.  I had an issue with a plantars wart on the bottom of my right foot about 2 years ago.

This plantars wart stayed for a long time due to lupus, even though I did not really understand that at first.  The plantars wart was on the pad of my right foot and started out looking like a small callous.  For a month or so it kept getting larger and then it began to hurt as well.  It was just kind of an uncomfortable feeling at first, but that soon changed.

The larger the plantars wart got, I became to become a little worried.  I went to the store and bought a can of the freezing wart remover.  I was excited to get rid of this disgusting looking wart.  I froze the wart according to the instructions on the back of the can.  I waited…and waited.  The plantars wart remained, unknowingly to me, because of my lupus.

Lupus has been known to cause the body to take much longer to fight off viruses and bacteria.  The same viruses and bacteria that a person without lupus could fight off quickly.

Soon, the wart was beginning to grow larger and larger.  It was almost the size of a quarter and I had begun to experience significant pain when walking, due to the pressure of the wart.  I bought another can of wart remover and once again, tried to freeze it at home.  Once again, this wart treatment failed for my lupus plantars wart.

I then went and bought a small jar of salicylic acid.  I had read a few posts online about how the salicylic acid would work better at getting rid of my plantars wart than the frozen spray I had previously used.  I applied salicylic acid to my wart a few times a week over the course of about a month.

It was working in the sense that it was definitely peeling layers of skin away from the wart, I had actually had a deep pit where it was!  But once again, my lupus caused my body to not be able to fight the plantars wart effectively.

My doctor finally told me that I was most likely going to need to have the wart surgically removed because of it’s size and the fact that it was not able to be treated.  I knew that if the wart itself hurt that bad to walk, I could only imagine the pain I would have once they dug it out in surgery.

I remember coming home and scanning Google for home remedies for plantars warts.  I came across numerous articles and forum posts about people soaking their foot in organic apple cider vinegar for a few times and that their plantars wart vanished.


apple cider vinegar lupus plantars wart
apple cider vinegar lupus plantars wart


I had spent quite a lot of money and time attempting to remove this plantars wart with special treatments from the store.  I really felt that there was not a legit way apple cider vinegar could remove my lupus plantars wart.

But hey, it was a lot cheaper than surgery….so I gave it a shot.  I went to a local store and purchased a big bottle of organic apple cider vinegar.  I soaked my foot for about 5 minutes 1x a day for a week straight.  After a week of soaking my lupus wart in apple cider vinegar, I could not believe it!  I could literally see the wart going away and new skin being formed.

At this moment, I truly believed that it was just coincidental and that the wart would still remain under the skin.  But when I began to notice the pain literally disappear over the next week, I was truly astonished!

This cheap bottle of apple cider vinegar had done what my lupus body couldn’t, it cured my plantars wart!  I now speak about the benefits of apple cider vinegar to anyone who will listen.  I tell them that you can purchase it for so cheap, that it truly is worth a try.

If your lupus causes you to fight off plantars warts slowly, you may want to try soaking your foot in some organic apple cider vinegar.  You may be surprised to see it starting to disappear soon after beginning this apple cider vinegar treatment.

Let me know if you have had any success using apple cider vinegar in your lupus wellness plan!

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