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Lupus and Weighted Blankets

Looking to Buy a Weighted Blanket for Lupus? If you suffer from lupus, you probably understand the pain that many of us suffer from daily.  Even though we are so completely fatigued throughout the day, there are many nights that we may lay awake from insomnia or painsomnia.  A decent night’s sleep can really determine what kind of day we will have in the morning. So naturally, I got a spark of interest when I begin to hear the rave reviews from friends and family members that have tried weighted…

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5 Celebrity Quotes for Chronic Illness Warriors

When you deal with a chronic illness, some days can be a lot harder to get through than others.  When I have days like this, I like to look up inspirational quotes that can uplift my spirit.  This can help me remain calm and hopeful during incredibly hard flare days.  If you are in need of a little inspiration, take a look at these 5 quotes for chronic illness warriors.  Remember, tomorrow is a new day and never give up the fight!  We are in this together!

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10 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids as a Chronic Illness Parent

As a mom of two boys 10 and under and as a lupus & fibromyalgia warrior, I completely understand the importance of keeping the kids involved and entertained while you may be physically and mentally struggling.  It may seem hard to find fun things to do with your kids as a chronic illness parent, but it doesn’t have to be! Having a chronic illness is not just hard on us as the patients, but it can take its toll on your family and friends as well. It is hard for…

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20 Day Lupus Inspo Journal Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of the Lupus Inspo Challenge for 2020 focuses on this quote: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style- Maya Angelou Miss Day 1 of the Lupus Inspo Journal Challenge?  Start Here! Oh, what a quote so fitting for me on a day I am struggling to get over my lupus flare that has been raging since before Christmas.  The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for me physically and…

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Lupus Challenge Day 1 Inspiration 

20 Day Lupus Inspo Challenge: Day 1

  Day 1 of the Lupus Inspo Challenge for 2020 focuses on this quote: Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character. –Anonymous It can sometimes be hard to be thankful for any challenges that come our way, especially while we are dealing with lupus.  Most of us are out here just trying to make it through a ‘normal’ day without a bunch of extra craziness being thrown our way.  Yet, life doesn’t seem to understand that. So, for this inspo challenge, think about…

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Septoplasty with Turbinate Reduction and Lupus

I have not been very active on my lupus blog lately due to having surgery on my nose earlier this summer, my chronic idiopathic urticaria  and recently my partial nephrectomy I had for Kidney Cancer. A few months ago, I had septoplasty with turbinate reduction done to help me with breathing issues I had been having for quite some time.  After an initial CT scan requested from my ENT doctor, I was diagnosed with a deviated septum and bilateral concha bullosa. The CT scan also said that I had a…

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If you are looking for a part time job that you can work from home, you have come to the right place!  UHAUL is currently hiring remote workers for part time positions as a Center Support Agent. According to their website: Center support agents take back-to-back incoming calls from customers, Agents assist customers who have an existing reservation or current business including answering general questions about pricing, products and services, and making changes to existing reservations. U-Haul offers its Center Support Agents: Train and work from home – various schedules!…

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Work From Home Job: Guest Services Rep with Disney

If you have experience in customer service and are looking for a remote job and you live in Arizona….this may be the best work from home job for you! This position is looking for someone to answer inbound calls and email assisting Guests, providing impeccable Guest service.   This is a part time, non-exempt position, working from home. Currently positions only available in Arizona.     Basic Qualifications: Guest Service experience preferred and ability to demonstrate strong Guest-focused engagement over the phone and via email Strong attention to detail Excellent…

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If you have found this post, you may be searching for a work from home job while living with a chronic illness.  If you are looking for a position that allows remote work, this Customer Service Representative with Asurion may be exactly what you are looking for!   Customer Care Representative Both English AND English/Spanish Bilingual Opportunities Available As a Customer Care Rep, you will maintain exceptional customer service while providing remote support for customers’ inquiries about lost or damaged devices and resolve customer issues in a timely manner to…

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20 Days of Lupus Inspiration for 2020

It’s hard to believe that in a few days it will be 2020.  It seems like such a futuristic date, but here we are lol.  I am not sure about you, but 2019 was nothing I had envisioned it to be at the end of 2018.  I have found myself recently thinking about all of the resolutions I had planned for 2019 and how it seems that pretty much everything BUT those resolutions happened this year.  Ugh…ever have those kinda days…weeks…or years?? It is frustrating to feel as though we…

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