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Best Soap for Lupus Skin

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The Best Soap for Lupus Skin

Looking for the best soap for lupus skin?  If you find yourself suffering from red, dry, and irritated skin on your face, you are not alone.  As Lupus patients, almost half of us tend to suffer from the butterfly rash AKA malar rash.  This is why we want to share the best soaps for lupus skin rash. It is incredibly frustrating to not only physically feel bad, but then also have the visual symptoms of Lupus be brought forth. 

Finding a gentle and moisturizing soap for lupus skin is really important. When looking for a soap for your lupus skin, it’s important that each person’s rash can appear differently.  Some people have highly raised rashes, sores, and some only have hot flushing.  Mine has come in almost like heat rash bumps with a hot flushing in my cheeks and nose.  I also get it on my chest and upper arms when Im flaring badly.  So just keep your rash in mind, as some soaps can be abrasive or irritating to sensitive skin.

Best Soap for Lupus Skincare

1. African Black Soap for Lupus Skin

One of my favorites is African Black Soap with Shea Butter.  Even a lot of people who do not suffer from lupus use this face soap and the reviews are incredible…and real!

Many of the reviews seem to focus on people who have sensitive, acne prone, or rosacea issues that seem to produce a lot of inflammation and redness in their faces.  It is hard to find a face cleanser soap that can be gentle, moisturizing, and help reduce redness and dry skin.

When it comes to finding the best soap for lupus skin, it’s important to remember that each Lupus warrior experiences different symptoms and reactions.  Always consult with your rheumatologist or dermatologist prior to beginning any new regiments.  

About the product

  • Cleanse, moisturize and comfort irritated skin while absorbing excess oil
  • Helps calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin
  • Perfect soap for helping relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and lupus malar rash.
  • Usage Instructions: lather in hands or on a washcloth and wash entire body

Soothing and Clarifying ingredients mold this soap in to the perfect cleansing and moisturizing regiment for your Lupus Rash

Best Soap for Lupus
Best Soap for Lupus

Tea tree oil has been studied and was shown to reduce histamine-induced skin inflammation.  This is the first study to show experimentally that tea tree oil can reduce histamine-induced skin inflammation.

Tamarind extract is used for wound healing, has anti-venom properties and is an antimicrobial. Tamarind is optimal for skin as it is used to treat burns and prevents edema. In addition, it leaves your skin able to maintain a healthy, beautiful glow.

Aloe vera contains Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin inflammation like a lupus malar rash. Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations.

Oat (Avena sativa) is a centuries-old topical treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including skin rashes, lupus malar rash, erythema, rosacea, burns, itch, and eczema.  A study was conducted and showed amazing results.

Extracts of colloidal oatmeal diminished pro-inflammatory cytokines in vitro and the colloidal oat skin protectant lotion showed significant clinical improvements in skin dryness, scaling, roughness, and itch intensity according to the study.

2.  Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for Lupus Skin

Another favorite of many lupus warriors is Cetaphil soap.  This soap has thousands of positive reviews online from people who suffer from a variety of skin issues, including rashes.  This soothing soap Gentle Skin Cleanser is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.

This soap is hypollergenic, fragrance free and non-comedogenic.  It has the amazing ability to condition your skin while it cleans.  This creamy soap hydrates without leaving any residue to clog your pores.

This mild, non-irritating creamy formula soothes skin as it removes dirt, makeup and other impurities, and is ideal for face, hands and body.  So if you are dealing with lupus skin issues this soap will be a really good choice.

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