BloqUV Sun Protective Clothing Unboxing

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🦋Hey warriors! If you have been following my blog, you know how serious I take sun protection these days. You also probably know that I love doing reviews lol. 🦋

💜I received a special package from @bloquv and I am so excited to share my unboxing video with you all!💜

☀️I will be reviewing these products soon and sharing my review on my blog & on my social media accounts so make sure to stay tuned☀️

📍Bloq UV is also offering 20% off to my followers if you use my code: LupusLyfe20 📍

🌈 Check out their UPF products here: 🌈


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3 Thoughts to “BloqUV Sun Protective Clothing Unboxing”

  1. Coolibar is an awesome sun protective clothing line for those with lupus (like me) because we need UV protection, yet want fashion and comfort. My husband Patrick and I had the opportunity to try some fantastic items throughout the past couple of months.

  2. As the years progressed, and my disease activity worsened, I tried so hard to stay out of the sun – almost an impossibility when living in South Florida. Suddenly, I became a prisoner in my own home, not able to enjoy outdoor activities or even a walk with my husband until after 7 or 8 p.m. And photosensitivity wasn’t the only Lupus symptom I was dealing with. In addition to symptoms from sunlight, I was also dealing with fevers, mini-strokes, blood involvement, and a brain aneurysm. The Lupus became so severe at one point, I became wheelchair bound and couldn’t leave my house for months. Sunshine, people, outdoors and life, in general, bustled around me and I felt trapped.

  3. BloqUV is a sun protective clothing line that blocks 98% of suns rays. BloqUV is the perfect UV protective clothing you need for al your outdoor activities.

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