Blue Green Algae and Autoimmune DiseasesHealth 

Blue Green Algae and Autoimmune Disease

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“Blue-green algae” consists of a group of bacteria that produce blue-green pigments. Blue Green algae grows in salt water and sometimes, large fresh water lakes.  Blue-green algae is commonly used in various food over the past few centuries in Mexico and some African countries. Since the 1970s, blue green algae supplements have also emerged in the US market.


Do you have an autoimmune disease_ Avoid Blue Green Algae!
Do you have an autoimmune disease_ Avoid Blue Green Algae!

Should People with Autoimmune Diseases Take Blue Green Algae Supplements?

In recent years, the theory of “Leaky Gut” has caused an increase in blue green algae supplements and usage.  Many people are using this blue green algae for a number of ailments.  There have been numerous studies conducted on blue-green algae and usage in treating or managing:  anemia, unintentional weight loss, ADHD, hay fever, diabetes, stress fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight loss, and PMS.

According to MedlinePlus.Gov, people with autoimmune diseases like MS, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis should avoid using blue green algae.  This is because blue green algae is thought to stimulate the body’s immune system and could cause autoimmune diseases to become more active.  This increased stimulation of the immune system could lead to more flares and increased symptoms in some people with autoimmune diseases.  For those suffering from autoimmune diseases, it is recommend that you avoid using blue-green algae.


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