Turmeric Masks for Lupus Beauty 

Top 5 Turmeric Masks for Lupus Skin

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I love turmeric everything.  There are so many awesome benefits when it comes to using turmeric, but with lupus, I really applaud it’s anti-inflammatory abilities!  It seriously makes a difference in my lupus joint pain and stiffness.  So naturally, I am always looking for new turmeric supplements that I can incorporate into my wellness plan. I recently came across turmeric skincare products, like turmeric face masks!  I was amazed at how well these masks work to reduce redness on my face.…

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10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos Beauty Inspiration 

10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos

We scoured the internet (okay….mostly Pinterest) for our favorite 10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos!  If you have been considering getting an inspirational lupus tattoo, this list of awesome lupus tattoos may help you decide on what kind of design you want.  Many people get lupus tattoos to help remind themselves of their own personal lupus journey and also spread awareness about lupus.       #1 Lupus Tattoo   #2 Lupus Tattoo   #3 Lupus Tattoo   #4 Lupus Tattoo   #5 Lupus Tattoo   #6 Lupus Tattoo   #7 Lupus Tattoo…

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best primer for lupus skin Beauty 

Best Makeup Primers for Lupus

Looking for the best lupus makeup primer?  As a lupus sufferer, you probably can relate to facial redness and the malar rash.  The malar rash is a butterfly shaped rash that appears on many people with lupus, especially during a lupus flare.  A lot of people use make up products to try and disguise the rash. Many of these people will discover that many of these makeup products do not cover up much of any lupus redness.  This is why Lupus Lyfe created the best list of makeup primers for your Lupus redness and…

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Best Soap for Lupus Beauty More 

Best Soap for Lupus Skin

  The Best Soap for Lupus   Looking for the best soap for lupus skin?  If you find yourself suffering from red, dry, and irritated skin on your face, you are not alone.  As Lupus patients, almost half of us tend to suffer from the butterfly rash AKA malar rash.  This is why we want to share the best soap for lupus skin rash. It is incredibly frustrating to not only physically feel bad, but then also have the visual symptoms of Lupus be brought forth.  Finding a gentle and moisturizing soap for lupus skin is…

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best lupus sunscreen Beauty Health 

Best Lupus Sunscreen

Best Lupus Sunscreen   Many people with lupus experience photosensitivity.  This increased reaction to the sun can cause rashes and flare ups in those living with lupus.  For this reason, it is extremely important for lupus patients to wear sunscreen daily.  Not only is wearing sunscreen daily when you have lupus, but also the type of sunscreen you use is important as well.  Read below to find out which brands make the best lupus sunscreen.

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