Relax! 5 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

Okay…okay!  We all hear that we need to relax sometimes, but are you taking your relaxation sessions seriously?  Chronic stress can induce a ton of problems within the body.

Check out these 5 natural ways to reduce stress and start relaxing!


05 ways to reduce stress naturally
05 ways to reduce stress naturally

Natural Stress Relief #1

Use Lavender

One of my favorite natural ways to reduce stress is by using lavender in my home and on my body.  Lavender is one of the oldest natural stress relievers in the world. Lavender is known to be uplifting, as well as soothing and helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

A study was conducted that measured the effects of lavender on stress in people that were being pricked with a needle.  Lavender aromatherapy in this study provided a significant decrease in the stress levels of those in the study compared to the others who received only oxygen and not lavender aromatherapy. In addition, it significantly reduced the pain intensity of needle insertion.

If you suffer from a chronic illness like lupus, lavender may be even extra beneficial if it is able to reduce anxiety and pain.

There are many ways that you can incorporate lavender aromatherapy into your natural stress relief wellness plan.


One of my favorites is by placing lavender sachets pretty much everywhere in my house!  The smell of lavender is so pleasantly soft and romantic, it literally is so comforting!

Another great way to use lavender is in your daily tea and lemonade!  You can purchase a bag of this amazing organic dried lavender flowers that are perfect for tea, baking, and lemonade!




Natural Stress Relief #2


Many of us have heard about yoga and maybe even practiced poses over the years.  But did you know that regular yoga can help you keep your mind less stressed and your body more relaxed?

If you are not practicing yoga a few times a week and you are dealing with crazy amounts of stress, you may want to consider making yoga a more routine part of your life.

My favorite way to get a daily dose of yoga is on Youtube.  There are many awesome yoga instructors who can help you with building a healthy and de-stressing yoga routine.

I also recommend buying “The Yoga Bible“!  If you are serious about starting to relax your mind and body with yoga, you should check this book out!  They don’t call it “The Yoga Bible” for no reason!



Natural Stress Relief #3

Deep Sleep Music

Many times when we are dealing with a lot of stress, we find it difficult to sleep.  Our minds will race a thousand miles per minute and not calm down enough for us to fall asleep.

Some people with high stress levels can also experience periods of insomnia, making it even more difficult to rest our minds and bodies.

Using deep sleep music to help calm your mind can help you relax enough to fall into a sweet slumber.  This natural stress relief can provide refreshing sleep while only using the sweet sounds of nature.

I find nature to be extremely calming and relaxing.  If you like natural ‘white noise’ you should try out this music download of “101 Healing Sleep Songs with the Sound of Nature”. 

This music download provides a great length of nature sounds that can help you naturally relieve stress and help you get the sleep you have missing due to lingering stress.



Natural Stress Relief #4

Stress Management Device


Have you ever considered using a stress management device to help you monitor and work yourself through periods of stress?  Using a stress management device like PIP, is a great way to naturally relieve stress.  The PIP stress management device allows you to ‘visually’ see your stress levels as they are occurring.  Combined with feedback and training provided in their special apps, PIP will train you not only how to recognize stress but how to manage stress, be calmer and unlock a more relaxed and mindful state of living in your day to day life.

Using PIP takes only 5 minutes and is an enjoyable way to de-stress and refocus at home, in the office, or on the go naturally.

Natural Stress Relief #5

Meditation Coloring

Yes, even as an adult, coloring can bring great joy and calming effects into our hectic lives.  If you have not caved into the adult coloring movement, I encourage you to give this natural stress relieving art a try!  You may be pleasantly surprised at how mentally rewarding coloring can be when you are looking for ways to reduce stress naturally.

It is inevitable that our brains get overwhelmed at times by information overload, but it is essential for our health and well-being to be able to draw upon our own resources to deal with that stress.  “Anti-Stress: Meditation Through Coloring” is a great and affordable way to naturally reduce stress!



Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Zandrea Bailey and Lupus

Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Finalist Zandrea Bailey, has passed away after battling lupus for the past five years. Zandrea passed away in a New York hospital at the age of 29.  This beautiful fellow lupus warrior fought hard over the last 5 years after being diagnosed with lupus.


Zandrea Bailey- Lupus Warrior

She was diagnosed in 2012 with SLE.  In an interview with Flair Magazine in 2017, she spoke on the intimate details of how her father would help her when she was struggling with lupus.  “He would sleep on my bed at nights to help me go to the bathroom,” she said.


Zandrea Bailey Lupus
Zandrea Bailey Lupus


Zandrea Bailey knew all too well the devastating toll lupus could have on her family long before her own diagnosis.  Bailey’s mother also suffered from lupus and sadly passed away in 2014 while Zandrea was a finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant.




Zandrea used her platform to help others and to spread much needed awareness for lupus.  She truly was a hero to the lupus community.

In 2014, Zandrea was featured in the Jamaica Gleaner Youtube special:

‎Living with lupus: Miss Universe Jamaica finalist tells all


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Zandrea Bailey’s friends and family.  As part of the lupus community, we sincerely hope Zandrea is now at peace and pain free.  The lupus community will forever be grateful for the inspiring and courageous story and beautiful life of Zandrea Bailey.  We will never forget the lengths she went to help others suffering from SLE while also battling this horrible disease.  Zandrea Bailey, you are a lupus warrior and we will never forget you.  Rest in Peace beautiful butterfly.

Ashley Martson Hospitalized with Kidney Failure from Lupus

We recently posted about 90 Day Fiance star Ashely Martson opening up about her struggles with lupus.  On January 13, 2019 she was hospitalized again because of lupus.  According to her newly created GoFund Me account,  Ashley was found unresponsive at her home sometime on January 12, 2019. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital where it was determined that she is in kidney failure.  She will reportedly begin dialysis soon and be placed on the donor list for a kidney transplant.


Ashley Martson: Lupus and Kidney Failure
Source: Gofundme : Ashley Martson: Lupus and Kidney Failure


We are sending prayers and good vibes to our fellow lupus warrior Ashely Martson.  If you would like to donate to her medical fund, please visit her official Gofund me page here.

Lupus Changes the Life of a Former Model

We love sharing inspiring stories of courageous people who are living the best lupus life they can.  Many of us go through moments in our disease where we feel helpless and unsure of things.  Lupus takes so much from us physically, but not a lot of people speak out about the emotional toll this horrible disease can have on us.

Today, I came across an inspiring story that was published by Fox 5 News in Atlanta, Georgia about a brave woman named Antonette Currie.   Antonette has been suffering from lupus for the past decade and has evolved into a beautiful woman who has learned to accept her lupus diagnosis and all the physical and emotional scars that came with it.

Watch her beautiful lupus testimony below.


’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson and Lupus


Ashley Martson is the one of the stars of the TV show, ’90 Day Fiance’.  She was recently hospitalized.  She has since been released and has wished her Instagram followers a heartfelt thank you.  Ashley Martson has recently come out and told her fans that she suffers from lupus.


Ashley Martson Instagram: Lupus
Ashley Martson Instagram: Lupus


“I’m home finally and on the mend. Thanks again for everyone’s support.” – Instagram story from Ashley after being released from the hospital.


The reality tv star recently revealed that she has lupus. Ashley felt she needed to let her fans know because many of them were questioning how ‘out of it’ she seemed in recent episodes of the show.

Ashley Martson Instagram: Lupus
Ashley Martson Instagram: Lupus


She recently posted on her personal Instagram a selfie of her in the hospital on Christmas Day with the hashtag #lupussucks.


Ashley Martson Instagram- Lupus
Ashley Martson Instagram- Lupus


Ashley is a lupus warrior and she is not afraid of letting the world she how strong she is and how hard she fights!  We wish the best for Ashley and hope that her lupus gets under control soon.  We are hoping for a healthy and successful year for Ashely Martson and her family!

10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos

We scoured the internet (okay….mostly Pinterest) for our favorite 10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos!  If you have been considering getting an inspirational lupus tattoo, this list of awesome lupus tattoos may help you decide on what kind of design you want.  Many people get lupus tattoos to help remind themselves of their own personal lupus journey and also spread awareness about lupus.


10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos
10 Inspirational Lupus Tattoos



#1 Lupus Tattoo


#2 Lupus Tattoo


#3 Lupus Tattoo


#4 Lupus Tattoo


#5 Lupus Tattoo


#6 Lupus Tattoo


#7 Lupus Tattoo


#8 Lupus Tattoo

#9 Lupus Tattoo


#10 Lupus Tattoo



Setting Goals with a Chronic Illness

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”- Virgil, Roman Poet


Congratulations!  You have made it to a new year! When you suffer from a chronic illness, that is an accomplishment to celebrate!   We have made it our mission to work on healthy goals in 2019 and we hope that you will join us. Have you struggled in the past with crazy New Year resolutions that are only met with failure or lack of motivation?  Don’t worry, we have all been there!


Setting Goals with a Chronic Illness
Setting Goals with a Chronic Illness


Today, we want to offer some easy tips for you to set goals that ensure a prosperous and healthy start to the year.  These tips are to help you set goals that will make your goals more attainable and successful.

Choose a Specific Goal

Don’t choosing something that is too broad.  For example, instead of choosing something like “I want to lose weight”, say something like “I want to lose 10 pounds”.  This helps you to have an actual goal to complete.


Choose an Attainable Goal

Many long term goals and dreams are made up of mini goals that must be met first.  Everyone has to take the first step when working towards a goal, so make sure you choose one that can be reached with hard work and in your designated time frame.


Break Your Goal in to Mini Goals

Once you have decided on a specific and attainable goal, break it down into smaller goals.  Once you have done this, give each mini goal a deadline. This will help you stay on track and monitor the progress you are making towards your goal.


Craft your Goal

Now that you have an understanding of how to craft a goal that you can actually accomplish, think of the one goal that you want to reach by the end of 2019.  Write this goal down and post it in a spot that will be seen daily. Here’s to a rocking new year!  Having a chronic illness does not have to stop you from reaching important goals and dreams.  We may have to take a more organized and strategic approach, but it is important to keep reminding ourselves that we can accomplish our desires, one step at a time.

Let us know what health goal you plan on implementing in 2019 and you could be featured on our website and/or social media platforms!  Comment with your goal by the end of the week and let us help you stay motivated and on track!  

An Open Letter to The Lupus Mom


Dear Lupus Mom,

I wish that we spoke more openly about the parenting struggles we fight daily, along with our lupus diagnosis.  Sometimes, I wish that I could reach out to another mom that is so busy fighting her own body that she sometimes can’t make it out of bed to be the mom she needs to be.  Sometimes, I wish that we could just stop and take a moment to truly appreciate “The Lupus Mom”.


Parenting with lupus
Parenting with lupus


In a world where we are constantly given titles and labels, they often seem to be one or the other.  But that simply isn’t true when you have lupus and children.  You become “The Lupus Mom”.  Lupus is not something most of us can just forget about or continue living with and not think about often.

It is integrated into our DNA and we are constantly reminded of it’s presence through every dark, soul searching night we lay awake from insomnia…or maybe it’s because we also have such fatigue that we slept half the day.  Or maybe it’s because we are in so much physical pain.  The same goes for the title of mom.  It’s not something we do for a few days here and there, it’s a title that we fight for daily and have so much love and passion for.

When you struggle with lupus, some days you can be alive…like really alive… and on top of the world.  You feel things more vividly, you see the world differently, your lupus fog may ease.   Your dreams and hopes slowly float back down to where you can ‘almost’ grab them.   You feel like you are back in the real world and in your real body.

Then lupus eerily rears itself from the depths of your hopeful soul and tries to destroy every hope and goal you have.  It feeds off the desperation in the mind of a mother who loves her children so much, but some days may feel they are better off without her.

The mother who pushes herself so much to try and be a ‘normal’ mom, you know the ones that actually take showers and drive to a full time job they are passionate about.  Like the ones who are able to make it to every school program and PTO meeting.  The ones who always seem to have their shit together.

But lupus doesn’t care about any of that.  In fact, it feeds off destroying our body from the inside out.  But we are lucky to be lupus mothers because we know that  many of our fellow lupus warriors have struggled with pregnancy and loss.  You see, lupus can rob us of our chance to successfully carry a baby, especially if the mom is experiencing significant health issues.  So the guilt of it all sets in…because we grieve with them too.   So we try to remind ourselves to be grateful, that the life and children we have is a blessing.

But I want that one lupus mom who is struggling today to see this.  To see that there are many of us out here.  A lot of people do not like to talk about how hard it is to raise children and fight a chronic illness because maybe they don’t want to come off as being unappreciative, or seem like they don’t love their children as much as any other mom, or that they simply can’t get it together.  I want you to see what we see.

I see you waking up after a few hours of constant interrupted sleep nightly.  I see you trying to remember every last lupus medication, every last class party at school, every doctor’s appointment, and every favorite Fortnite dance.  I see you remembering all those things while being physically in pain.  I see you out there still getting things done while trying to maintain what’s left of your mental state.

I see you waking up to a new day that you already know will be filled with physical pain and maybe even depression.  I see the person you once were and the person you have become.  I see all the dreams and goals you once prayed about.

They may not see your limp when you wake up in the mornings, they may not see all of your ER visits, the tears that fell earlier, or the hours of dialysis….but I see you fighting the good fight.  Every. Single. Day.

You are not alone in your fight and we see the amazing love and determination you have for your family.  Understand that we KNOW what it’s like, even when most will never understand.  So pick yourself off of the floor and wipe the tears from your eyes.  You are a warrior and you are worthy.  Your babies love you and they need you, even if you don’t believe it today.   We need you.

Let’s end the cycle of not talking about our parenting struggles with other lupus moms.  It’s almost like a stigma, that many don’t want to talk about.  Honestly, it’s one that should be broken, because girl, you are not broken.

You are a warrior.  You are a fighter.  You are lupus mom strong.