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2019 National Lupus Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC

  Be the Change You Want to See in the World!   The Lupus Foundation of America recently opened up registration for the 2019 National Lupus Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC.  Registration opened on December 10, 2018 and will run until February (or until they reach maximum capacity).  The 2019 National Lupus Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC will be held on March 4th and March 5th of 2019 to help lupus advocates let their voices be heard.  It is a great opportunity for lupus warriors to connect with other lupus…

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Best Soap for Lupus Skin

  The Best Soap for Lupus   Looking for the best soap for lupus skin?  If you find yourself suffering from red, dry, and irritated skin on your face, you are not alone.  As Lupus patients, almost half of us tend to suffer from the butterfly rash AKA malar rash.  This is why we want to share the best soap for lupus skin rash. It is incredibly frustrating to not only physically feel bad, but then also have the visual symptoms of Lupus be brought forth.  Finding a gentle and moisturizing soap for lupus skin is…

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An Open Letter to The Lupus Mom

  Dear Lupus Mom, I wish that we spoke more openly about the parenting struggles we fight daily, along with our lupus diagnosis.  Sometimes, I wish that I could reach out to another mom that is so busy fighting her own body that she sometimes can’t make it out of bed to be the mom she needs to be.  Sometimes, I wish that we could just stop and take a moment to truly appreciate “The Lupus Mom”.     In a world where we are constantly given titles and labels,…

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10 Gifts for Lupus Patients

If you or a person you love suffers from a chronic illness like lupus or fibromyalgia, you know that there are days when getting out of bed is nearly impossible.  There are mornings when your joints may ache, your muscles may be sore, or you simply need to rest.  During the holidays, many people are thinking about the gifts they are going to buy and the gifts they would like to receive.  This year, instead of Aunt Suzie buying you another Christmas sweater because you told her it didn’t matter…

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Lupus Tips for Winter

When it comes comes to an upcoming winter, some lupus patients experience anxiety in regards to the cooler weather changes.  If you are like some lupus warriors, you may even seriously consider heading south for half of the year.  Unfortunately, that option is not much of an option for most of us, so we decided to create a list of lupus tips for winter.  These tips are meant to help you prepare for winter and keep your lupus and health in check throughout these cooler months.

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