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Lupus Awareness Jewelry

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When it comes to spreading lupus awareness, nothing is more awesome than lupus awareness jewelry.  If you are looking for easy and chic ways to jazz up your lupus awareness, check out some of these amazing finds I found online.  Lupus awareness jewelry can range from lupus medical bracelets to lupus awareness earrings.  The possibilities really are endless if you are serious about helping to advocate for lupus.

lupus awareness jewerly

Lupus Medical Bracelet

What better way to advocate for lupus, especially when you are a lupus warrior.  Having a lupus medical bracelet can make it easier for emergency personnel to know your medical history if there were ever an emergency.  There are many unique and cute options for lupus medical bracelets on Etsy.

You can see one of my favorites here.  I love shopping on Etsy because it helps support many small business owners, some of which are fighting chronic illnesses as well.  It’s an easy way for me to show my support for fellow chronic illness warriors.  Amazon also has a really great selection of lupus medical bracelets that you make like as well.  There are so many great options to choose from, depending on your specific needs.


Lupus Awareness Earrings

Lupus awareness earrings are a small way to make a big impact!  There are a lot of really beautiful lupus awareness earrings on Amazon.  I honestly was pretty surprised at the number of really unique earrings that were available to help spread lupus awareness.

I know a lot of us may not really think about spreading lupus awareness until May for Lupus Awareness Month, but I am trying to be more adamant about spreading awareness year round.  These lupus awareness earrings are a perfect choice.  You can also check out these really cute purple spoonie earrings on Etsy.  How cute?!

Lupus Awareness Necklace

If you love wearing necklaces, you will adore this beautiful lupus awareness necklace.   This sterling silver Butterfly Series Necklace with Swarovski Crystals is a great way to advocate for lupus awareness.  The best part is that you can order this using Amazon Prime!  If you need lupus awareness jewelry quickly, I highly recommend ordering through Amazon.

Of course Etsy has some awesome handmade items that can offer a more unique option when it comes to looking for lupus awareness necklaces.  Check out some of their lupus necklace listings here.

Lupus Awareness Bracelet Charms

If you already own a bracelet that you love, a simple way to add lupus awareness could be to buy a lupus awareness charm to add to your collection.  You can easily add and change charms on a bracelet and this makes it a great way to really broaden your options when it comes to lupus awareness jewelry.  You could get a cute simple charm like the one above or check out some of the handmade ones on Etsy.  The options are really endless when it comes to lupus awareness charms because of the versatility in wearing charm bracelets.


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