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Lupus Resources


Lupus Informational Websites

Lupus Financial Resources

Healthwell Foundation (SLE):

The HealthWell foundation can help cover various prescriptions related to your lupus treatment in addition to your current health coverage.  This can help provide substantial financial relief when it comes to treating your lupus.

According to their website:

HealthWell bases eligibility on an individual’s medical, financial and insurance situation. To qualify for HealthWell’s assistance, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

GoodRX (prescription assistance):

GoodRX is an app that you can download for free to get maximum savings off of various prescriptions at the pharmacy.  This is used in place of prescription coverage.  The savings vary per medication, but the app shows you exactly how much your prescription will be at various pharmacies around you.  This makes it easier to decide where to fill your prescription and has the benefits of knowing the prescription price before you even pick it up from the pharmacy.  You can search for your current medicines in the search box below to see how much GoodRX can save you.

ACR List of Medication Assistance Programs:  

The American College of Rheumatology has created an informational list of pharmaceutical contact information for various treatments used in lupus and other rheumatic conditions.  This extensive list provides an easy way for lupus patients to reach pharmaceutical companies who have special discount and sometimes even free medication.

Benlysta Gateway:

Benlysta Gateway is a program that provides financial assistance and Benlysta medication assistance.  The great thing about Benlysta Gateway is that they have programs to help with co-pays for those who are insured, and can even provide free Benlysta to those who are uninsured and meet their eligibility requirements.  You can visit their website or speak with your rheumatologist for more information on Benlysta Gateway.

Lower My RX:

Lower My RX is similar to GoodRX but does not require the hassle of downloading an app or showing your phone to the pharmacist.  If you would prefer to have a physical prescription discount card, you definitely should consider Lower My RX.  They can provide up to 80% savings on your prescription medication costs.  This covers not only various medications used to treat lupus, but many other medications like antibiotics as well.  You can print the card below for instance access to savings.

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