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Lupus Diet: Organic Mamma Chia Beverage Review

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organic momma chia beverage review


Like many of you, I really like to find healthy drinks that are not only good for me, but that also taste good.  That becomes even harder when you have texture issues with food and drinks.  I have tried aloe drinks in the past that were just too slimy and too chunky for me to even attempt to drink.  I tried…but usually failed.

When I first saw this gorgeous bottle of Organic Mamma Chia: Blackberry Hibiscus drink, I was not sure what to think.  I mean, it is packaged beautifully and has a really inviting deep-purple color.  But…there were actual chia seeds just kind of floating within the drink.  I was wary to try this drink, but the amount of nutrients in this drink were amazing and I had to try it.

Once I got past the initial texture shock, I was actually surprised.  I did not mind the slight thickness to the beverage and actually could not believe how amazing it tasted.  I like blackberry flavored things, but I have never tried a drink with hibiscus.  I have to admit it was uniquely refreshing.   The fact that it was mixed with blackberry really helped to create an exotic and organic masterpiece of a drink.  I highly recommend trying a bottle of Organic Mamma Chia’s Blackberry Hibiscus drink.


Ingredients in Organic Mamma Chia Beverage in Blackberry Hibiscus


This list of ingredients can be found on the back of your label:


  • Hydrated Chia Seeds (purified water, chia seeds)
  • Agave
  • Lemon Juice
  • Hibiscus Extract
  • Natural Flavors
  • Blackberry juice concentrate
  • fruit and vegetable juice for color
  • citric acid



This beverage has been Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.


This chia infused drink provides an amazing 2500mg of Omega-3s.   Each serving of Organic Mamma Chia provides you with 4 grams of plant protein!  Each serving also contains 24% of your daily fiber.  As if all of those benefits are not enough, but each serving of Organic Mamma Chia provides you with an ample 10% of your daily value of calcium.


Organic Mamma Chia can be found at most retail grocery stores like Wal-mart.  You can also order off of Amazon in bulk.



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