6 Work from Home Call Center Jobs

One of the most common questions I receive from other chronic illness warriors (and even those not suffering from a long term disease) are how to find legitimate work from home jobs online.  If you suffer from something like lupus or fibromyalgia, you may have found yourself searching for ways to earn income without having to leave your home.

I have successfully earned a somewhat steady income from working different positions online over the last 6 years.  Suffering from lupus, fibromyalgia, and trigeminal neuralgia makes it difficult for me to work a full time position.  When having to work outside of the home, I waste a lot of energy on just getting ready in the mornings.  This is something that people who do not have a chronic illness will probably never understand.  To me, this is energy spent that could have been used for my work or family.

There are many jobs that will consider remote workers, but many of them are contract or part time positions.  There have been many times that I have had to work a couple different projects to bring home a decent amount of money.  I always try to remember the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

If you have been struggling with your job or your job search and are considering working from home, you should definitely check out the legitimate positions below.  These online jobs can help alleviate some of the stress that you may be experiencing.

Virtual Call Center Jobs

remote call center jobs
remote call center jobs

If you have any experience in customer service or secretarial positions, you may want to consider a remote call center job.  Many businesses are hiring for call center jobs online, giving you the ability to make a decent wage from home.  If the idea of helping others while lounging in your pajamas sounds like a dream come true, I would recommend researching the companies below who are hiring remote call center workers.

  • Arise Call Center Jobs:  Arise Virtual Solutions allow you to be your own boss and work from home!  They offer a flexible schedule that allows you to set your own hours and control when and where your work.  This is extremely helpful for those suffering from an unpredictable disease like lupus or fibromyalgia.  They work with many Fortune 500 brands and help you connect with these companies so that you can provide them with customer service services.  Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it sounds.  Plus, they provide state of the art training and help so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.


  • Cox Communications: Cox Communications is hiring for Call Center Customer Service Representatives for their Account Services Department.  They are looking for people who live around certain cities, so make sure to check locations when applying.  They state the primary responsibilities of their call center reps will be handling incoming calls from Cox Business and residential customers, delivering excellent customer service by asking questions, actively listening, building rapport, demonstrating respect, being informative and understanding their needs, requests or problems.  This position focuses heavily on understanding the needs of customers, so Cox is asking for 1+ year experience working in a position that requires meeting sales goals and 1 – 2 year work experience in a customer service role (not specific to just Call Center).  The great thing about this position is that it pays around $15 hour and they offer many benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits the first day!


  • American Express: American Express is currently hiring call center agents for their Virtual Platinum Customer Care Professional positions.  These virtual American Express jobs are perfect for someone looking for an online job with a well respected company.  They are looking for people with at least 2+ years in a customer service and consultative sales environment.  While a Bachelor’s degree is preferred, it is not required.


  • Asurion: Asurion is hiring virtual Customer Care Representatives.  As a Customer Care Rep, you will provide customer service and remote support for customers inquiries about lost or damaged devices and resolve customer issues.  They are looking for people who have at least 6+ months of experience in customer service.  Their pay for remote workers is around $11 hr.


  • Gametime: Gametime is hiring for Fan Happiness Associates.  These virtual call center position entails helping Gametime customers with their ticket purchases.  Their job description states that you will be communicating with Gametime customers via phone, email, chat, and text.  This virtual call center job pays $15 hr


  • Teleperformance:  Teleperformance employs thousands of people globally in a work-at-home environment giving our clients multiple options to address seasonal volume spikes, staffing flexibility, and a differentiated workforce.  They are currently hiring for Customer Service Agents and some digging online shows they pay around $10-$11 hr.





Working From Home With Lupus


Are you a lupus patient looking for a work from home job?  In the last decade or so, the amount of companies hiring remote works have increased dramatically.  This is great news for those who suffer with chronic health issues like lupus.  We have compiled a list of 10 jobs lupus patients can work from home.  So go ahead and dust off that resume and find a full or part time job that can help you earn extra money from home.


work from home job lupus

1. Appen Butler Hill

Appen provides numerous remote contracts jobs throughout the year.  The most popular ones are the Search Engine Evaluators, and Social Media Evaluators.  These positions pay anywhere from $9.50/hr to $14/hour.  Search Engine Evaluators will need to combine a passion for analysis with an understanding of various online research tools.  Social Media Evaluators with Appen evaluate the quality and relevance of information in their local area or country of residence in categories such as news feeds, advertisements and search results.




VIPKID provides an international learning experience to children in China between the ages 4-12. Headquartered in Beijing, the company offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by highly qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.  They are looking for people who want to become teachers from home.  You can work from anywhere as long as you internet.  They do require applicants to be fluent in English and a Bachelor’s Degree in any specialization.  They state on their website that their online teachers can earn anywhere from $14-$22 for teaching from home.

3. American Express

American Express offers many virtual positions in various skill sets.  If you are looking for full time remote jobs online, American Express is a great option.  American Express was named in the Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018 by FlexJobs.  You can check out their virtual listings here.


4. U-Haul

U-Haul offers sales and customer service positions from home.  If you are looking for a part-time job that allows you to work flexible hours and work from home from anywhere in North America, the U-Haul Sales and Reservations Work from Home Program might just be what you’re looking for. For more information, visit www.uhauljobs.com.


5. Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise is a leading platform that allows it’s contract workers to work from home as customer service agents.  Join the growing number of home-based service providers using the Arise Platform. Provide customer service, sales and support from the comfort of your home. The Arise Platform and your work from home call center business – the perfect combination!



6. American Airlines

American Airlines hires remote workers to take reservations from their home.  If you are have experience in travel reservations, you may want to check out American Airline’s open jobs and see if they are remote workers near you.  You can find their open jobs here.



7. Amazon

Amazon now offers many remote positions for people who are looking to work from home.  According to Amazon’s virtual location website:

Sometimes, Amazon has virtual (or “work-from-home”) positions available to qualified individuals who live in some areas. So if you aren’t near a physical Amazon location, or just want to see if there are virtual opportunities in your area, you’re in the right place.

Virtual opportunities are not available in all areas–specific questions about virtual positions can be discussed during the interview process with your recruiter.


If you would like at check out the most recent virtual jobs being offered with Amazon, check out their listing page here.



8. Dell

Dell is another tech company that offers various positions the chance to be worked from home.  If you have tech experience and are looking for a position that you can work from the comfort of your own home office, Dell is definitely a choice to look into.  If you would like to view their current remote jobs, please visit their page here.



9. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is an insurance company that provides ample opportunities for their employees to telecommute.  If you have customer service experience, medical billing, or any sort of medical experience, you should definitely consider working for UnitedHealth Group.  You can view their current remote opportunities on their website.  Click here for more information.



10. Xerox

Xerox has taken pride in hiring work from home employees for over 30 years.  They currently have around 8,000 remote employees who help to ensure a successful and strong company.  From customer service, data entry, and tech support; Xerox is one of the leading companies who hire remote workers.  You can check out their remote jobs on the work from home page.

Lupus Tips for Winter

When it comes comes to an upcoming winter, some lupus patients experience anxiety in regards to the cooler weather changes.  If you are like some lupus warriors, you may even seriously consider heading south for half of the year.  Unfortunately, that option is not much of an option for most of us, so we decided to create a list of lupus tips for winter.  These tips are meant to help you prepare for winter and keep your lupus and health in check throughout these cooler months.


Lupus Tips for Winter


lupus tips for winter
lupus tips for winter

1. Wear Sunscreen

It is estimated that around 2/3 or people with lupus suffer from photosensitivity.  While many lupus patients are very good about wearing sunscreen in the summer, many do not know of the importance of wearing sunscreen in the winter months as well.  Just because the air is cooler does not mean the sun’s harmful UV rays are not radiating as powerful as they did in previous months.  Wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen can help prevent lupus flares if you are sensitive to the sun.  You can check out our article on our favorite lupus sunscreen here.



2. Use Hand Sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer often can help prevent the transfer of various bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to use a hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60%.  Non alcohol hand sanitizers do not work as well as those with at least 60% alcohol content.  As a lupus patient, you should already be practicing good hand washing skills, but using hand sanitizer afterwards can help ensure that lingering bacteria and viruses are eradicated.

Directions for using hand sanitizer via the CDC:

When using hand sanitizer, apply the product to the palm of one hand (read the label to learn the correct amount) and rub the product all over the surfaces of your hands until your hands are dry.

3. Get a Flu Shot

The flu shot has become somewhat of a controversial topic in today’s society, but we can not stress enough the importance of lupus patients receiving their flu shot every winter.  Each year the flu kills thousands of people.  Many of these people have health issues like lupus and may be taking medications that suppress their immune systems.  With a weakened and unstable immune system, the patient may be unable to fight the flu virus like most people.  The flu can also lead to serious complications like pneumonia that are also very dangerous in people with lupus.  Talk to your rheumatologist today about the benefits and risks of getting your flu shot.  Most insurances cover or offer with low co-pays.  A lot of retail pharmacies and county health departments can also offer the flu vaccine at a lower cost.


4. Purchase Thermal Gloves

If you are in the 1/3 of lupus patients who have been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome, purchasing thermal gloves is essential in the winter.  Lupus-related Raynaud’s usually results from inflammation of nerves or blood vessels and is triggered by stress or by cold temperatures.  Raynaud’s is a serious condition and can be damaging to lupus patients.   Consider purchasing a high quality thermal gloves that offers extreme weather protection.  Look for gloves that are able to withstand negative temperatures to help ensure your hands will stay warm all winter.  You can check out our favorite thermal gloves below!


View on Amazon 

OZERO Winter Gloves -30°F Cold Proof Thermal Driving Glove – Insulated Cotton and Windproof Membrane, Warm Hands in Cold Weather for Men and Women



5.  Use Antibacterial Wipes


Antibacterial wipes are a great way to prevent yourself from catching various viruses and infections this winter.  You can use wipes at home when you are cleaning to help ensure that your home surfaces are bacteria and virus free.  It is also really important to use these antibacterial wipes when you are in public places, especially when shopping.  Shopping carts in stores are one of the easiest places for a lupus patient to catch a new bug.  If you shop at stores that do not offer complimentary antibacterial wipes for their carts, buy a travel pack and carry them in your wallet or purse.  This small tip will help minimize the chances of you picking up a bug.



6. Drink Hot Green Tea

The infatuation with green tea has grown exponentially in the last decade and for right reasons.  Green tea has been the star of many scientific papers and research studies.  In 2017, there was a study conducted on the benefits of green tea and lupus.

According to the study:

Green tea extract supplementation significantly reduced disease activity in lupus patients; in addition, it significantly increased the vitality and general health. This study showed that daily consumption of green tea extracts for 12 weeks improves the systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity as well as some aspects of quality of life.


So when you are about to brew that morning coffee, stop and think about the amazing aroma of freshly brewed green tea and give it a try.  When you come in from outside and want something quick and delicious to warm your soul and body, try some hot green tea and help your lupus as well.