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Volt Heated Gloves Review

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 Lupus and Cold Weather

The cold weather never used to bother me like it does these days. In the last few years, my tolerance for cold temperatures has really gone down a lot.  Living in Northwest Ohio, I have had my fair share of Blustery Winter days.  Living in an environment such as this makes it difficult to enjoy any sort of outdoor activity.  

I experience significant joint pain especially in my hands as soon as the temperature begins to drop.  My joints lock up and stiffen and it can take hours for them to return to normal once I get out of the cold.  I even have issues with this when doing simple tasks like carrying a gallon of milk.

Last winter, I was weeks out from my kidney cancer surgery and my lupus was flaring.  I was sad because I wasn’t up to decorating for the holidays like I usually do with my family.  Christmas is one of my favorite and to me the most beautiful holiday and I was pretty bummed out that I couldn’t withstand the cold in my condition to participate in the outdoor decorating or events.  

volt heated gloves review
volt heated gloves review

I know I am not alone as a lupus warrior who has trouble with cold weather.  In fact, about ⅓ of people with lupus also suffer from a condition known as Raynaud’s Syndrome.  

According to John Hopkins, Raynaud’s phenomenon is a problem that causes decreased blood flow to the fingers, although it can affect other parts of the body as well.  It is well known that Raynaud’s symptoms can be exacerbated by cold temperatures.  

I have not personally been diagnosed with Raynaud’s but living in northern Ohio, it often feels like winter last half of the year LOL.   As soon as my hands and feet began to get cold I begin experiencing a deep aching pain and experience significant stiffness in my joints.  

It has really affected me so much in the last few years, that we have contemplated moving back down south to get some relief.  I knew that I was going to have to really think of ways to protect myself in the winter from the brutal elements of this coming Ohio winter.  

These are some tips that I plan to implement in order to help me deal with lupus in the winter months.  Remember, it’s extremely important to speak with your rheumatologist before adding any new plans or products to your treatment plan.   

  • Wear gloves or mittens
  • Wear a hat to help retain heat and prevent UV exposure
  • Use a scarf to help retain heat
  • Make sure that you are covering with a wind protected & waterproof product
  • Limit your exposure to cold weather
  • Try to plan outdoor activities in the warmest part of the day.  (Don’t forget your broad-spectrum sunscreen for lupus too, even in the winter!)

You can now probably understand why I was so excited to have an opportunity to review heated gloves recently.  I honestly feel like having a pair of heated gloves is a necessity of life that I didn’t even know I was missing as a lupus warrior.

If you have ever been curious about how well warming gloves can help keep you warm in the cold, read below to see my personal review of these unique and efficient heated gloves.

What are heated gloves?

I had never tried heated gloves until I came across a heated clothing company called Volt. Volt’s story was one that I could not only relate to but incredibly piqued my interest in heated products.  

volt heated gloves review

Their website states that the founder was searching for a comfortable and efficient warming slipper for his mother who suffered from chronic cold feet, even indoors.  While many heated products I had researched previously were focused mostly on those using them for working or sporting outdoors, Volt’s focus was on efficiency, comfort, and style.  

If you were to have asked me to name 3 things that would be a factor in choosing heated gloves, these would be them and they seriously checked off all my boxes with their unique heating technology. So, I was definitely excited when Volt sent me one of their heated products in an exchange for an honest review.  

Volt’s heated apparel contains their special patented Zero Layer® heat system that helps them eliminate bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer than any other heating system available.  

Their system uses special thin heating panels that are constructed of thin stainless steel fibers that are woven into the fiber and protected with special thermal bonding sealing tape to help provide long-lasting wearability.  You can read more about their amazing and scientifically tested technology here.

Volt Heated Glove Review

I had the honor of trying out Volt’s WOMEN’S 7V ALL PURPOSE HEATED GLOVES.  This specific style number is: GL-7V-LN if you want to browse on their website. I chose to get a size Large for these, as I experience unpredictable joint swelling and I wanted to allow comfortable room for my fingers and their swelling. 

volt heated gloves review

They have an array of heated gloves that you can choose from, but I liked the idea of testing out an all-purpose heated glove so that I can get an honest review on something I would be able to use daily.  So if you have plans to really get elbow deep in the snow, be sure to check out their really cool Avalanche X heated gloves!

These all-purpose Volt Resistance battery powered heated gloves are gloves that include 2 rechargeable lithium batteries and a dual charger.  They are also made with a waterproof and breathable material that ensures the ultimate in cold weather protection. 

They contain a built-in microprocessor controller that has four separate power level settings to keep you in control of how much heating you prefer with your gloves.  The best part? These gloves provide heat for over 8+ hours per charge! The temperature on the highest setting can reach up to 150 degrees!

When I first pulled these heated gloves out of their zipped bag, I couldn’t help but noticed the amazing quality of the gloves.  For an all-purpose glove, they were very thick and very well made.  

I honestly was surprised at how thick the gloves felt, yet they weren’t crazy bulky like other gloves I had tried in the past.  If you have ever tried unlocking your house door with super bulky gloves, you can probably understand why I find this a huge plus in my review LOL.

These specific gloves are dark gray in color on top and a black faux leather on the bottom.   They are honestly pretty stylish & modern looking for a heated glove.  You can see the quality in the stitching of these heated gloves and when you flip them over and see the quality of detail on the underside of the gloves.  

volt heated gloves review

The inside is lined and provides an extra layer of warmth and protection from the outside elements.  You can tell a lot of thought went into the design aspect of these heated gloves.

There is a zipper located on the top middle part of the glove and this is where you are able to connect the portable battery charger to the glove itself.  It may look like a tight fit, but the battery pack fits snugly inside of the zipper pouch and drops to the forearm area of the glove.  In this area, there is a clear window to help you change the heating settings and turn on the battery pack while wearing the gloves.  

This is especially important to me because it enables me to easily wear these from the car to outside or inside while maintaining the specific amount of heat that I need for whatever activity I am participating in….all with the light push of a button!

volt heated gloves review

The Volt All-Purpose Heated Gloves come with two separate battery packs and a dual wall charger so that you can charge both battery packs at once, but only take up one outlet plugin.  As a mom with techie obsessed kids, this is also a major win for me personally.  Hey, I need all the open outlets I can get LOL.

volt heated gloves review

The instructions that were attached were relatively easy to understand and simple to implement.  I was a little confused because the instructions said the LED lights will show green when fully charged, but mine stayed blue for hours (even though its hard to tell the color in this picture).  This didn’t seem to affect anything as they still worked perfectly, but just in case yours comes with blue lights as well, know you aren’t alone or that maybe I didn’t let them charge long enough lol.

After I charged my battery packs, I was excited to finally hooked them up and test these heated gloves out!  If you notice on the bottom right side of the battery pack, there is a little button you can push to help release your charger easily.  The chargers also have the word “TOP” stamped on the top of the charger, so if you are like me and struggle with figuring out which way a charger is supposed to go in, this is definitely helpful!

volt heated gloves review

It does seem to take a few minutes for the gloves to really fully heat up, but you can begin feeling the warmth almost immediately after plugging them into the battery pack.  

The warming elements seem to extend around the wrist area, the palm area, and along with each finger as well.  It never felt ‘too hot’ for me at any point, even when I had it set to the highest setting.  It honestly was an evenly distributed comforting warmth that was amazing.

It really protected my hands from the cold temperatures when I was helping my husband to hang this year’s Christmas decorations outside.  I was able to fully use my hands and extend my fingers without them being bulky from gloves or the cold.  These all-purpose gloves may be the best product I have reviewed so far.  Seriously.

volt heated gloves review

To be able to be outside in the cold and be able to help do things with my hands is life-changing as a lupus warrior living in Ohio.  People who are not affected by cold weather can never understand the pain and discomfort that we experience from cold temperatures.  It is so heartwarming to know that there are products available to actually make our lives more LIVABLE.  Volt’s heated gloves are one of those products.  

I highly recommend Volt’s all-purpose heated gloves if you are looking for an easy way to keep your hands protected from the cold.  These stylish and quality gloves provide not only heat but style and comfort as well.  These would also make a perfect gift as well for someone you love who suffers from the cold. 

You can check out Volt on Instagram and on their website to see more awesome heated clothing!


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