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Gifts for Lupus Patients

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If you or a person you love suffers from a chronic illness like lupus or fibromyalgia, you know that there are days when getting out of bed is nearly impossible.  There are mornings when your joints may ache, your muscles may be sore, or you simply need to rest.  During the holidays, many people are thinking about the gifts they are going to buy and the gifts they would like to receive.  This year, instead of Aunt Suzie buying you another Christmas sweater because you told her it didn’t matter what she got you, maybe help her out with some guidance.  We have compiled a list of 10 gifts for lupus patients that will help them throughout the year.  Seasonal gifts are nice, but why not get your lupus warrior something that can help them year round?



Best Gifts for Lupus


1. Insulated Gloves

Around 1/3 of patients with lupus also suffer from Raynauds Syndrome.  Raynaud’s Syndrome can cause your extremities, such as your fingers and toes, to feel numb and change colors during cold temperatures or even stress.  This is caused due to arteries that supply blood your skin to narrow, limiting blood circulation to affected areas.  This condition usually affects women more than men.  After experiencing cooler temperatures, it can take an average of 15 minutes of warming up before the skin returns to normal color.  Buying a quality pair of insulated gloves for your lupus friend can really help ease the chance of Raynaud’s flaring up.  It is important to look for insulated gloves that can protect the hands from extremely cold temperatures.  This makes a great gift for lupus patients!

2. Volt Heated Gloves

volt heated gloves review

Volt’s heated gloves contain their special patented Zero Layer® heat system that helps them eliminate bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer than any other heating system available.

Their system uses special thin heating panels that are constructed of thin stainless steel fibers that are woven into the fiber and protected with special thermal bonding sealing tape to help provide long-lasting wearability.  You can read more about their amazing and scientifically tested technology here.  You can also check out my in-depth review of these heated gloves here.


3. Heated Slippers

Heated slippers can also help with raynaud’s syndrome in lupus patients, but they also provide warm comfort during flares.  Many lupus patients experience chills during lupus flares and by having a pair of heated slippers, you can help them stay warm and comfortable during their flares.  These slippers have heating temperature up to 140°F/ 60°C, depends on ambient temperature, and accumulated heating time. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to feel warm, longer heating accumulate more warmness. The heater will automatically turn off after 2 hours for user’s safety.  Heated slippers for lupus patients are a very welcomed gift.



4. Bulk Sunscreen

Up to 2/3 of lupus patients experience sensitivity to the sun and even artificial lighting.  The sun is also considered to being a major trigger for lupus flares.  It is vital that all lupus patients wear sunscreen daily and year round to reduce flares and the even the chance of developing skin cancer as well.  It is important for lupus patients to have a broad spectrum sunscreen that has a high SPF.  Buying a large bottle of sunscreen can help your lupus loved one to never be without proper sunscreen again.  This is a gift most people would not even think about giving, but it is definitely one that shows you have put in thought and done your research about lupus. Supergoop! was started in 2007 with a mission to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen so that everyone will use it daily.  This is one of the most important gift for lupus patients.


5. Emu Oil

6. T.E.N.S Unit

TENS Units have long been used for muscle, joint, and even nerve pain.  Something that once could only be found in a doctors office is now available for home use.  Tens machines have been known to help block pain receptors in the central nervous system to manage pain and strengthen muscles via involuntary muscle contractions.  Pre-programmed pain relief modes deliver massage-like sensation to you. Customize your own pain relief mode & intensity to relax different pain areas at the same time! Match your needs however you want.  If you are looking for a lupus gift, a tens unit would be a great choice.

7. Universal Heating Pad

Studies have shown applying heat and warmth to sore muscles, ache and pains helps reduce and alleviate the discomfort. Heating products have been proven to reduce stress, calms nerves and encourages relaxation.  While many people may already own a standard heating pad, does your lupus loved one own that can work for their cold feet as well?  Serta Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Foot Warmer, a warmer that refreshes both you and your environment at an economical price. For anyone that suffers from cold feet you know how miserable that can be. Whether it’s from poor circulation, arthritis, cold floors, or simply just wanting more comfort the Serta Electric Foot Warmer can provide a level of soothing relief unmatched by any other product on the market.  While this is definitely suitable for warming cold feet, Serta also says it will work perfectly for waist, back, and abdomen areas as well.

8. Lupus Vitamins

Not only do most lupus patients have to worry about the financial costs of various doctor visits and prescription costs, they also worry about the cost of vitamins and supplements they may take to help manage lupus symptoms.  The gift of vitamins is one that any financially conscious lupus patient would appreciate.  By alleviating one less burden for them to worry about, by helping them out with their vitamin needs, you can really be a shining star to a lupus patient.  Lupavita was created for lupus patients and targets key deficiencies found in many lupus patients.  The vitamins were designed to help with common deficiencies in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Magnesium.

9. Fresh Food Delivery Subscription

There are days when lupus patients may have difficulties getting out of the house to go and shop for fresh and nutritious foods.  If you have a loved one who is struggling with lupus, a gift of a fresh food delivery subscription can help their lives become somewhat more manageable.  Instead of using the little energy they may have for physically shopping, a food delivery service makes it easy to order their groceries online.  This can also help for lupus patients who may be overcoming an infection or trying to prevent an infection by preventing them from having to go out in public places.   Lucy for us, AmazonFresh is offering us a FREE trial on their service.  Be sure to use the link below to get your free trial.


10. Lupus Reference Book

The Lupus Encyclopedia is an authoritative compendium that provides detailed explanations of every body system potentially affected by the disease, along with practical advice about coping. People with lupus, their loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals―all will find here an invaluable resource.


11. Lupus Friendly Makeup

When a lupus flare lasts for a while, some lupus patients feel their self confidence and self care slowly leaving.  By gifting lupus friendly makeup, you can help your lupus loved one feel a little like they did before they were sick.  Maybe plan a day for a mini make up session when they are not feeling well.  It is amazing what a little make up can do for someone’s self image when they are feeling down and not able to physically use their old makeup products anymore.  Many people are unaware that the brand Physician’s Formula was actually originally created for lupus skincare.  In 1937, allergist Dr. Frank Crandall created Physicians Formula as a tribute to the love he had for his wife Edith who suffered from lupus and longed for makeup that wouldn’t aggravate her sensitive lupus skin.

12. Lupus Sun Protective Clothing


One of the best gifts for people with lupus is a piece of UPF sun protective clothing.  Lupus warriors have to take extra precautions every single day in order to reduce their sun exposure.  There are many quality UPF clothing brands on the market right now and you may find yourself surprised at everything they have to offer; whether you are looking for sun protective bathing suits, shirts, dresses, leggings, etc. You can check out our favorite lupus sun protective clothing options here.  UPF clothing is a great lupus gift!

You can also check out my personal review of Ibkul UPF shirts here.

13. Lupus Face Masks

lupus face mask
lupus face mask

If you are looking for a lupus gift that will get used, try choosing a cool lupus face mask as a present.  2020 has proven to many of us that face masks are here to stay for lupus warriors.  There are many awesome face masks for lupus awareness, making this an easy choice for a lupus gift!

When it comes to shopping for that special loved one that is struggling with a lupus diagnosis, there are many gifts that show that you care and have researched their disease.  Any of the products listed above will be sure to let your lupus family member or friend feel appreciated and loved, especially during their toughest moments.  Don’t struggle with finding the perfect gift for lupus patients!

14. Lupus Shirts

Lupus- Lupus Awareness Shirt - Purple Ribbon T-Shirt-Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

Lupus Shirt: Lupus Lyfe "We Fight Together" Unisex T-Shirt

15. Lupus Awareness Blankets

Lupus- Lupus Awareness - Purple Ribbon Sherpa Fleece Blanket

16. Lupus Journal- Spiral Notebook – Ruled Line 

Lupus Journal- Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line - Lupus Medical Book

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