Sun Protective Bathing Suits for 2020

If you suffer from sun sensitivity, you know how stressful the summertime can be.  It is frustrating and stressful when you are trying to have fun or vacay and you have to constantly remain hidden from the sun’s rays.  Even if you do not happen to suffer from sun sensitivity, you still should be aware of the risk of skin cancer from the sun’s rays. Skin cancer usually forms on areas of the body that are more prone to sun exposure, although sometimes can appear in normally covered areas as well.

How can I protect myself from the sun’s harmful rays?

There are many tips you can take in order to protect yourself from the sun.

The first and one of the most important sun tips is to ensure you are wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day.  You can find my list of the best sunscreens for lupus here.   We also have a really great post on highly favored sun protective clothing here.  You can also wear wide brimmed hats, have good coverage sunglasses, and remember to continuously re-apply your broad spectrum sunscreen while you are outdoors.

Do I need a sun protective bathing suit?

Having an extra layer of  sun protection in a bathing suit can be beneficial to those who are sensitive to the sun.  If you are like me and have an autoimmune disease like lupus that makes you more sensitive to the sun, you may want to consider one of the UPF bathing suits.  If you are planning to vacation or are just looking for everyday swimwear, definitely consider getting one of the sun protective bathing suits to ensure extra protection from the sun while you are outside enjoying yourself!

sun protective bathing suit


1. Lands’ End Sun Protective Bathing Suit


If you are looking for the Little Black Dress of sun protective swimwear, this beautiful suit could be the one!  This Women’s Scallop V-neck Cap Sleeve bathing suit from Land’s End also has UPF 50 sun protection.  This is a modest tankini swimsuit would be perfect for any family vacation or swim day!

2. Lands’ End UPF 50 Tummy Control Bathing Suit

Are you looking for a sun protective bathing suit with a little extra tummy control?  Yeah….me too lol.  This women’s plus size texture tummy control one piece swimsuit from Lands’ End is a great choice.  With the long trusted quality from Lands’ End, this swimwear is no different.  It has adjustable straps and a high neck style that offers extra sun protection. This unique fabric provides UPF 50 protection while maintaining style and comfort. *The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this fabric as an effective UV protectant only for covered areas.


3. Maaji Women’s Zip Front UPF 50+ One Piece Swimsuit



This stunning Maaji zip front one piece swimsuit is designed to protect you from the sun’s rays.  If you are looking for a sun protective bathing suit with a little artistic flair, this one is an amazing choice.  It comes in a variety of colors such as: Daughter of Triton Light Blue Floral Plumeria Bloom and Lime Green Floral.

4. Summersalt: The Causeway – Atlantic

This extra sexy sun protective swimsuit is built with playful cutouts covered with a sleek mesh overlay.  It has adjustable back straps that help to create a snug and personal fit.  This suit contains beautiful mesh detailing (the mesh is not UPF 50+, so don’t forget your sunscreen!) The online world offer a tip for this UPF swimwear; go one size up if you’re a D-cup or larger.

5. Rip Curl Searchers Long Sleeve Sun Protective Springsuit 


Spend the summer enjoying the outdoors without worrying about the sun  with the help of the Rip Curl Searchers Long Sleeve Springsuit. This sun protective suit helps keep your core warm and provides additional protection from the elements. From its vibrant color block details to its fitted waistline, this swimwear offers a sleek, slimming affect. UPF 50+ sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.  What more could you need in a sun protective suit?


6. Tommy Bahama Pearl Over the Shoulder Cross Front Sun Protective One-Piece 


You will shine in absolute confidence instead of fear of the sun’s rays when you step into this gorgeous and mesmerizing Tommy Bahama Pearl Over the Shoulder Cross Front One-Piece. This bathing suit offers durable stretch microfiber fabric that is able to retain its shape and resists fading for extended wear. UPF 50+ fabrication protects skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful Ultraviolet A B rays (UVA/UVB).  If you are looking for a sun protective bathing suit that is also chic and stunning, definitely give this Tommy Bahama piece a try!


7. Lands’ End UPF 50 Tummy Control Skirted One Piece Swimsuit


Firming Slendertex® fabric smooths and shapes to give this stunning swimwear a unique job.  LYCRAXtraLife(TM) spandex fiber is more resistant to chlorine and retains its shape.  This bathing suit has a skirted overlay adds a touch of elegance and extra protection for your legs.  Imported Fabric provides UPF 50 sun protection in this beautiful bathing suit.


8. Perfect Moment Long-Sleeved UPF 50+ Swimsuit


This orange long-sleeved sun protective swimsuit from PERFECT MOMENT features long sleeves, a panelled colour block design, a fitted silhouette and a front zip fastening. With its unique and vibrant look, it is amazing to know it is also UPF 50 protective swimwear.


9. Lands’ End  Slender Swim Dress One Piece Swimsuit


Specifically designed for modest coverage, this sun protective bathing suit has fabric that resists breakdown from chlorine, sunscreen, UV rays and sweat UPF 50 sun protection, plus superior stretch and recovery.  It also has a Tricot dress over the suit for maximum coverage and style Firming Slendertex® fabric that helps to smooth and shape while offering sun protection.


10. Rip Curl Playa Blanca UPF One Piece Swimsuit


Spend the summer living your best life with the help of the Rip Curl Playa Blanca Surfsuit. The stretch rib patterned surfsuit helps keep your core warm and provides additional protection from the elements. It is a gorgeous and tropical choice bathing suit that offers UPF 50+ sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.



Remember, the best way to protect your skin from the sun on days you are swimming outdoors, is by wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen, a sun protective bathing suit, a wide brimmed hat, and sun protective clothing to cover up with.  It is possible to enjoy outside activities even if you are sensitive to the sun, just make sure you take the correct precautions and speak with your doctor if you have any questions.  Here’s to summer!